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Explore our unique and amazing collection of things to do. We can't wait to welcome you!

Open Air Events Pavillion

Our beautiful pavilion will be perfectly situated to offer a breathtaking view of Mt Sabyinyo. It will have a large stage, and plenty of space to accommodate our guests for the performing arts shows, fashion shows, festivals, arts and crafts fairs and so much more…which will take place throughout the year.

Kinigi Gift Shop

Our shop will be filled with colorful art, delightful handcrafts and sustainably made gifts for all ages. Your purchase will support East African artists, crafters, and more. We will make a point of giving special consideration to the handiwork of single mothers.

Kinigi Permaculture Gardens

We are convinced that permaculture can change the world. Come and stroll through our gardens, pick some fruit, sit awhile and listen to the birds. You will find a surprise at every turn, and learn from our attractive and interactive displays, signage and treats for the senses. We want you to be inspired!

Milk Goats

Many people do not yet know the great benefits of goats’ milk. We want to share this information with the world, and with Rwanda in particular. We believe that introducing the goats’ milk industry in Rwanda can be life changing for potentially millions of people, over time. Besides, goats are so much fun! Bring your children and let them play and frolic with our adorable goats in the Kids Playground. There will be wonderful memories made.

Kinigi Performing Arts

What better place than Rwanda to enjoy performing arts? With our rich culture and talented performers, there will be unforgettable shows throughout the year. Music, dance, plays, acrobatics, and who knows, anything can happen at Kinigi Eco Center. Some of our shows will be interactive so get ready to dance and sing!

Kinigi Festivals

Our Events Pavilion will provide an excellent covered space for festivals featuring arts and crafts, demonstrations, and performances. Lots to do, see and buy. Meet the vendors and make some new friends. All of the family will have a wonderful time, and everyone will be sure to find that special treasure to take home with them.

Kinigi Workshops And Classes

Permaculture workshops will take place for international tourists and Rwandans alike. Our translators will offer an opportunity for people from different countries to learn side by side, building peace and friendship. Also learn how to build with glass bottles, or create art with simple everyday upcycled materials. Classes will be so fun, and will include dance classes for all ages, and fun basic language classes. Learn to greet your new friends in their language!

Christmas Wonderland

Throughout the month of December, Kinigi Eco Center will be transformed into a Christmas Wonderland, the likes of which Rwanda has never seen. Come during the day and shop and enjoy tasty treats. Come after dark and be dazzled with the lighted displays and colorful night shows. Be sure to bring the children! This will be an experience you won’t want to miss.