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Meet Our Team

Terri Mayhan

Founder and Managing Director Terri Mayhan is passionate about sharing her vision for a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future for all. An American self-made entrepreneur, she has a background in sustainable housing construction, the tourism, hospitality, and services industries, and was a founding board member of One Earth One People Peace Vision Inc, a member of San Juan Native American Council, and Outreach Director for IDEA-International Development Exchange Association.

Her cumulative unique experiences and unquenchable desire to inspire people to create a healthier, happier world are now manifest in this new Rwandan company, Kinigi Eco Center Ltd. Her rise from humble beginnings to establishing her own company has given her the desire to help others, particularly single mothers, to rise up from the ashes of their past, as Rwanda has done, to embrace a bright new future where anything is possible.

Tony Livoti

Global Outreach Director Tony Livoti is the President and founder of Global-MBITA (Monterey Bay International Trade Association), a leading international trade organization in California for over 26 years. Global-MBITA was established in 1995, focusing on Global eCommerce applications and solutions for its clients and members to maximize success in their import and export operations. Global-MBITA also promotes the implementation of 'green' infrastructure technologies with a focus on the African continent and in Native America. Global-MBITA manages TradePort.org, California's Gateway to Global Trade now in operation for over 26 years. Global-MBITA also operates a statewide 'gated' online community for the staff of 30+ public and private sector trade promotion service organizations located throughout California called the TradePort Collaborator, which collectively represents over 60,000 importers, exporters, private sector trade promotion service organizations and private investors in California. Tony is currently leading a private sector company called IDEA - International Development Exchange Association, that will build 21st-century Eco-Lab-Villages on Native American reservations and in rural Rwanda.

Nishimwe Peruth

Front Office, Gift Shop and Coffee Patio Manager Nishimwe Peruth brings her excellent company organizing skills to Kinigi Eco Center. She is a high energy innovator and creator with an amazing work ethic. She has a unique ability to juggle multiple tasks at once, with ease and grace, keeping calm and composed under fire, always in control. Her professionalism shines through in all she does, making us proud to have her representing us in Kigali and Musanze District meetings. Peruth's education background includes a degree from the University of Lay Adventists in Kigali (UNILAK).She is second upper division in the department of information systems and management, and has four years experience as Financial Officer at Genesis Stationary Ltd. Peruth always keeps us motivated with her positivity and cry of "Together We Win!"

Byiringiro Didier

Liaison Officer and Marketing Researcher Byiringiro Didier is rising up in Rwanda. He received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Bugema University, specializing in Economics. His leadership skills, marketing and management qualities and experiences, and ability to work well within a team make him a real asset. We enjoy his creativity and fresh ideas, and value his straightforward approach to analyzing, evaluating, and then finding and implementing practical solutions to any challenges that arise in any situation. His loyalty and dedication to Kinigi Eco Center Ltd make him a delight to have aboard.

Gustone Alwanga

Gustone Alwanga brings aboard his profound Information Technology skills. He is the founder of Gustonera, a major software development firm in Kenya. He is a profound software engineer with 5+ years experience in the field. He specializes in full stack web application and mobile development, Automations Systems and IOT, IT Systems Security and networking. He is a motivated techie and his excellent organization skills will contribute to our organization as a technical consultant.

Angelica Sedano

From Minnesota USA, Angelica Sedano received her Bachelor's degree in Interior Design. She started her design career in Residential design and continued with Healthcare and Senior Living. With over 7 years of design experience, Angelica will contribute to our organization as our Design Consultant. Angelica has a passion for community and sustainability and is excited to be helping an organization that is just as passionate.

Mugisha Fontaine

Trade Finance Consultant MUGISHA Fontaine, has an International diploma in Accounting and Finance in Business and Management from Cambridge International College (CIC) of UK with distinction, and 16 years experience in accounting and finance departments. He works in Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) as MB verification agent, and is a Trade finance consultant of Euro Exim Bank of UK, a Country Coordinator for Rwanda of UN Climate Change Conference of Youth. He is also a global governing council honorary board member of UNACCC (Unity of Nations Action for Climate Change Council). He worked as an Accountant of Mutuelle de Santé at Kayonza District, as a cashier at Coopec Himbarwa Ukore, and is a global peace ambassador from 2021 to 2023 of Global Peace Chain. Mugisha is a deputy country Manager of World Economic Development Organization( WEDO). He is fluent in English, French, Swahili, Kirundi and Kinyarwanda, his mother tongue. He has learned how to manage team performance and develop leaders.