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Welcome To Kinigi Eco Center

In the heart of Africa lies a magical place where mountain gorillas thrive and rich culture endures. It is here that we planted a seed, a vision of inspiration for all the world.This vision is one of healing, creating, planting, rebuilding a better world for us all. How do we do it? We join hands, share talents, and we do it together.

Kinigi Eco Center will teach and inspire permaculture farming and gardening, building with natural and upcycled materials, dairy goat husbandry, and eco friendly arts and crafts. We will host events both educational and entertaining for folks from around the globe to participate in together, building international peace and friendship.

Our Center will make a point of hiring, teaching, and empowering marginalized people, such as single mothers and folks with disabilities. We will develop programs that will raise families and communities out of poverty, while keeping their farming culture alive.

Kinigi Eco Center will be a breathtakingly beautiful, joyful, educational and exciting year round destination for all ages. There will always be something new to experience and enjoy.

We invite you to join us in making this dream a reality, either by putting your skills and your hands into it, or by investing. Please contact us at kinigiecocenter@gmail.com if you would like to learn more.